GG Fashion Marathon: Season 1: Chair In Action

Gossip Girl:

Season 1, Episode: Woman on the Verge

SPOTTED: Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass ready to give Georgina Sparks a smackdown.


THE LOOK: Blair wears a Jennifer Behr headband and Foley & Corinna dress while Chuck wears a Barneys shirt and Etro bowtie underneath his Gianfranco Ferre suit.


They say if two people are meant to¬† be together they always find a way back to each other. here Chuck & Blair are in the same situation. nature has brought them together once again it doesn’t matter if the purpose is a bit bitchy…

And Chair Together is Nothing if not Fashionable. they both know how to carry their personalities. this is what we call a made for each other couple.

xoxo ItGirl