They say BLUE EYES are a blessing.. but what if it causes miseries .. ??


here i am with few useful tips for people with blue eyes.

Eye Shadow:
Yellow is the most complimentary color for blue eyes. Now, this doesn’t mean yellow eye shadow exactly, but gold eye shadow will look absolutely stunning with blue eyes.

Other colors that are sure to make your eyes pop are taupe, bronze, and warm browns. Grey is great for evening drama. If you’re looking to add some color, try different shades of purples. Silver and turquoise can be fun if you’re looking for flair.


Black mascara is not nearly as damaging to your look as black eyeliner and so it’s not considered a no-no. However, if you have lighter skin tones you may want to consider brown mascara.

Dark blue mascara can actually be very flattering as well. The subtle blue tones around the eye make your blue eyes stand out.


Corals, peaches, and dusty roses will do you well.




Soft pinks will go best with blue eyes, especially if you are lighter skinned. Try peach, rose, or true red colors for darker skin. When choosing your red color, avoid purple-red colors such as mauve.



Now get out there and see what looks best on you!

xoxo ItGirl

They say BLUE E…