SUMMER TREND: Tribal Nails

Hello, fashionistas

since summer is still here.. how about i share a funky summer trend with all of you.. we can’t beat the heat but we can always rock it by looking like a complete fashion diva .. ❤

so .. the trend im going to share with you all is..




Get ready to flaunt your ethnic side with a bold new trend taking over tips and toes from Long Island to Long Beach.
Tribal patterns are the hottest trend to hit the nail industry. Whether you want to create your own designs, or prefer to have a professional apply them, the key to rocking this globally conscious trend is selecting a pattern or print that compliments your natural style.

Play up the tribal trend by changing the tribal pattern on each nail. It’s best to keep the nail shades similar so as to create a cohesive look.




Nails are the “it” accessory of 2012 so now is the time to rock the tribal trend!

xoxo ItGirl


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